Pearls & Pinstripes is the premier,
non-compete female networking group in DFW

With the most respected and sought-after women in their industry, P&P focuses on building relationships, friendship and empowering each other to grow both personally and professionally.  


Our Beginning

Pearls & Pinstripes was founded in 2009 by Ashlee Woods when she realized there was not a group for young professional women in the DFW area that fulfilled the true meaning of "networking." With the belief that in order to truly "refer, recommend and introduce" one to another, you must know who that person is. It's not just passing out your business card and leaving, it's getting to know what makes that person thrive. What gives them their passion. And, to know that, you must spend time with each other, trust each other, and be able to lean on one another for business and personal advice. "These women become your 'Board of Directors.'" You trust them with all aspects, and when you refer a P&P member to a fellow client, you know you are being represented to the highest value, which in turn, helps everyone grow. And, what could be better than that?

"...Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come..."

Diane Helbig


Our members include:

The Wealth woman, One of the best financial strategist in the US

international lifestyle & celebrity Photographer 

Real Estate mogul

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

estate planning attorney & '12-'13 President of TYLA


Fill out an application today. If your position is filled, do not worry; twice a year P&P holds open meetings, where everyone is welcome. Applications are accepted at all times and networking positions are filled as they become available. Don't see your position below? Have a unique job and think you would be the perfect addition to P&P? Let us know. Complete the application and we'll be in touch. 


referrals and word-of-mouth is the #1 key influencer when making a decision- Radius Global


The LifeTime Value of a new referral customer is 16% higher -Wharton School of Business


65% of new business comes from referrals- New York Times


"Women are missing an opportunity. Networking not only expands business opportunities within company walls and externally. It creates that space where professional boundaries are softened by personality, often paving the way for women to be more effective in driving initiatives forward in the workplace. It allows women to find role models and business leads not available inside their office. Most important, social connection and professional engagement is what makes our jobs interesting and enduring."- Fortune, 2014